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"I was referred to Babin PT by my dentist, Dr. George Cerniglia. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and went through Galvanic Stimulation treatment. Being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy was easily the scariest and most uncomfortable thing I’ve experienced so far in my life. My first day of treatment I was unable to move the entire left side of my face. My speech was slurred, hearing was off, drinking felt almost impossible, taste buds on the left side were non-existent, my nostril was collapsed in, and my face felt distorted. It took a mental, emotional and physical toll on me. After my first session with Mr. Mike I felt hopeful. As the weeks went by, my face slowly started to gain some movement. It felt like I was never going to have a normal smile again. When I was finally able to see my lip curl up ever so slightly into what I call a “soft smile” it felt like a huge victory. Mr. Mike and his staff made me feel comfortable and always encouraged me. Mr. Mike was beyond kind and extremely calming. He was reassuring and explained the entire process to me so I could slowly see my progress. The timeframe for having Bell’s Palsy varies for everyone that has gone through it and after 2 long months, I finally feel like I’m almost 100% recovered. I truly cannot thank Mr. Mike and his team enough for helping me through this process. I’m going to miss seeing them! It’s because of them that I got through this diagnosis and I’m gaining my confidence back. "
Mar 23, 2022
"After having my right knee replacement rehabbed at Babin Pt I did not hesitate to return when I had a left knee replacement. Personal care at each and every visit by Mike and his staff is what sets Babin PT apart from other PT's in our area. In both instances Mike and his staff got me back to doing everything I was doing before surgery, especially the sports I enjoy. Mike actually made each visit enjoyable. Rachel was great in working out my scheduling and Nina kept me moving during my visits. I highly recommend Babin PT. Thanks guys. "
Apr 30, 2021
" This is a wonderful place to receive PT. You feel like you are a part of the “family” after several weeks. Everyone is on a first name basis. I have been to other locations for PT and this one is more cozy and comfortable . I am extremely happy with this facility, staff and specialized treatment. D. Block"
Apr 09, 2021
"The staff is very friendly & welcoming. The Staff is very knowledgeable & competent. I enjoyed my time with them"
Apr 09, 2021
"Very friendly and easy to talk to staff. They have helped me get my shoulder to feel better and have even assisted in giving me at-home exercises for an issue I didn't even start treatment for. I won't go anywhere else for any future physical therapy, I sticking with Babin. "
Aug 16, 2019

Thanks for all of your help. When I started PT I wasn’t able to walk more than 10 minutes at a time. I am now up to 2 miles a day on my own. I also was not able to kneel on my injured knee, now I can kneel with slight pain. I am more active than I have been in a year.

- Lynn M.

My name is Don Rieder and over the past 23 years I have had 10 surgeries that have required physical therapy. I have had my right knee operated on 2 times, my left knee once, my right shoulder done twice, my lower back, my right elbow 2 times, my left elbow once and my right foot. I will be using Mike again when I have a knee replacement later this year in 2020.

Each time I have had physical therapy with Mike Babin, he and his wonderful staff got me back to 100% or as close as possible to 100% for someone my age. I am 74 years old now. I have always been very happy with the results when my therapy was completed. Because of my satisfaction, I have recommended several friends and two of my family members to get their PT with Mike and his staff. All have been very happy and said they would use Mike again in the future if they needed PT.

Many THANKS to Mike and is many staff members over the years for the great Job they have done to keep me going.

- Don R.

Thanks to Mike AKA Dr.Needle and his staff for the great job they all did. When I came to them it was hard to walk with the pain in my legs and back.

After therapy and Dr.Needle’s Dry Needling, I have no pain in legs or back. I don’t know what it does but it really works. I will tell all my friends about Babin PT.

Once again, Thank you!

- EJ W.

My experience with Mr.Michael and staff at Babin Physical Therapy has been the most pleasant one. After injuring my left shoulder I was told the VA could not see me soon enough so I was allowed to choose my own though the community care program through the VA. Recalling the excellent service I’ve received in the past, I chose Babin PT.

Aside from the staff welcoming you like family and giving personal attention; Mr.Mike and his team not only addressed my current Left Shoulder injury but also worked on my Right Shoulder, giving it mobility without pain. Mr.Mike has a certification to dry needle. This has helped me tremendously. He has a knowledge of all areas of the body.

I would recommend Mr.Mike and his staff to anyone.

- Francis C.

The reason I was referred to Babin Physical Therapy for dizziness and difficulty maintaining balance. After six weeks of therapy by the wonderful staff at the clinic, my balance has improved dramatically. I can walk longer distances without fear of falling. Thank you, Babin PT Staff, for improving the quality of my life.

- Leslie H.

I have so enjoyed having Physical Therapy here with Mr.Mike and his wonderful female team- Jennifer, Ja’Riel, Hannah and Rachel! I tripped over the cord of my salt lamp and fell to my knees landing on my wood floor. As a result, I broke my right kneecap and had to be confined to 5 weeks on crutches. Because of this, I lost a lot of my endurance.

Coming to Babin PT was a wonderful experience for me! I was in bad shape and waddled when I walked. Through awesome exercises and doing my “homework” at home, I slowly regained my strength and finally stopped waddling!

I can’t stress enough how positive Mr. Mike’s staff is. They are so friendly and caring and I will miss Mike’s high 5’s!!!

- Stella P.

Babin Pt has been an exceptional experience. The level of knowledge and empathy is at the highest level possible. The team gives hospitality ,professionally and concern a person needs at a time when it is so badly needed. This is very important.

Babin and staff has gone above and beyond my expectations. On a scale from 1-10, one being lowest, they are a BIG 10!

Finally, as a final note, in addition to all the great service, Mike also plays great music!

- Frank V.

Just a little note of thanks for the wonderful care you and your team gave me during my therapy sessions. Each visit was very productive and helpful. It all starts with Rachel’s cheerful greetings and scheduling at the front desk. She always has such a wonderful attitude, and it can’t help but put you, the patient, in a good mood.

Ja’Riel and Hannah were such a pleasure to work with. They were very attentive and pushed you just enough to make sure you achieved the desired results. While I only worked with Jennifer for a short period of time, she is personable and I am sure she will fit right in.

Of course, the straw that stirs the drink and makes it all work is Mike Babin. The best compliment I can give to someone who provides a service is to call them a professional. Mike is truly that. This is the third time I have had the pleasure of working with his group, and you can see his influence throughout his employees. Everyone takes on his cheerful, professional and welcoming persona. I was even greeted by the accountant, Mrs.Janet, when I walked in.

Mike’s program of stretching and other exercises was extremely helpful to me. My mobility has improved and my leg and lower back pain is gone. I appreciate your professional care and treatment. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Finally, as a final note, in addition to all the great service, Mike also plays great music!

- Alton M.

I began therapy for a rotator cuff injury back in March 2018. I couldn’t lift my arm higher than halfway horizontally without horrible pain. Having always being an active person in sports and dance, this was very distressing to me.

My experience at Babin PT Physical Therapy has been all positive. Mike and the rest of the staff take time to listen to any questions without making me feel insecure or rushed. They base your treatment plan on your individual needs.

At this time, I find that my range of motion has greatly improved, and I have learned to modify my daily activities and exercise routine accordingly. My posture has improved, and people have told me I look like my usual energetic self. I highly recommend Babin PT Physical Therapy to others.

- Donna O.

To Mike and the Babin Physical Therapy Family:

I am so grateful to everyone at Babin P.T, for helping me recover from my leg, knee and back weakness and pain. I cannot say enough about the staff’s friendliness and patience. You were always there by my side to lead me and encourage me.

Before coming here, I was experiencing progressively worsening bilateral leg weakness, right knee pain and lower back pain for at least 6 months prior to P.T. I struggled every day to climb up steps: had to use my arm muscles to pull myself up. I had to use a cane to pull myself up from my desk chair. I was having trouble driving because of my right leg pain. I learned how to drive using the cruise control. I really missed being able to dance with my husband, especially the “Jitter Bug”. We love going camping in our RV; but put off some trips because it was too much struggle to go up and down the RV steps.

Also thank you for teaching me the correct way to stretch and exercise my way to a much-increased mobility. I will be taking those home with me. I am thankful every time I climb up and down steps, go camping, or dance with my husband. (He is happy too!) My experience here at Babin Physical Therapy has greatly improved my life.

Yours Truly,

- Casey S.

Mike Babin helped my left sided Bell’s Palsy improve dramatically. His positive attitude is exhilarating. All the support staff especially Rachel are all charming and helpful. I would recommend Babin Physical Therapy because of the quality service I was provided. They are wonderful!

- Dr.Billy K.

I was referred to Babin PT my ENT, Dr.Brousse. He diagnosed me with Bell’s Palsy and suggested I go through Galvanic Stimulation treatment. Having my face paralyzed I was willing to do anything.  Going into treatment my first time, I as unable to move any part of the right side of my face. Retaining liquid in my mouth was impossible. Although drinking out of a straw was difficult, it was easier than drinking directly from a glass. I had to use my tongue to create a suction for the straw. I was unable to bite into any type of sandwich. It resulted in me biting my life. My right eye would not close fully and winking was impossible. I refused to take any pictures and would not leave the house without a hat. After receiving treatment from Mr.Mike for a few weeks, my confidence slowly came back. I am able to take a picture without worried that my smile is cop sided. I am not embarrassed to talk to people as well as not worried someone will as “What is wrong with your face”. Mr. Mike and his staff’s words of encouragement really made my recovery seem less than four weeks. I cannot thank Babin PT enough for all their help and helping me get my confidence back.

- Elizabeth C.

The Babin P.T. experience has been the best physical therapist practice I have attended. The staff made my first contact with Babin P.T. very easy by being friendly and helpful! I had several schedule changes and the staff was understanding and accommodating. During my visits practicing my specific exercises the staff created a sense of family within the office which allowed me to feel safe and relaxed. With all my visits to Babin P.T. I was never left unattended; I always had the attention of the physical therapist assistant to me. It was great not to share a physical therapist or wait until they could attend to my needs. Babin P.T. has a wonderful Physical Therapist practice and I believe all should follow the Babin P.T. way.

- Frank J.

Limping from recent surgery, I apprehensively entered Babin Physical Therapy. A friendly staff welcomed me with many smiles! Mike Babin, knowledgeable and efficient, devised a physical therapy plan to help me heal. He and his coworkers encouraged and challenged me during each session. I began to look forward to exercising and to the camaraderie. After several months of dedicated work, my right leg muscles become stronger, and I no longer limped.

I attribute this success to the expertise, guidance, and compassion of Mike Babin and his staff- Steve, Bryce, Hannah, Ja’Riel and Rachel. With all my heart, I thank them for helping me regain my physical strength.

May God Bless You Always,

- Hedy K.

I recently fell and tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder and chose Babin PT instead of surgery. Michael Babin and his assistants worked with me three days a week and relieved the pain in my arm and shoulder. I am very satisfied with the results and I am pain free. Thanks Michael and Staff.

- Joyce F.

I came to Babin for low back pain with right leg weakness. Due to this medical problem, it was impossible for me to perform or complete my routine daily activities without help. Physical therapy was a great help to me. I am now free of pain and all this is thanks to the professional help of the staff that was concerned for my comfort and care.

- Julio M.

On my arrival at this facility, I was in pain on my left hip which was very painful. The receptionist was very friendly and helped me on what I had to do.

I noticed the training staff very friendly. The team showed me professionalism and communicated very well with the patients.

According to my illness, they put me on a program that helped me with the pain. That on just a few training classes it has healed very well. Now I walk, work out, and do things around the house which I was not able to do before. Thanks Babin PT!

- Leonardo A. F.

On May 26, I took a misstep in my garden, fell backwards and sprained my left ankle. After using crutches and then an ankle boot for several days, I consulted with my doctor who agreed that physical therapy would be beneficial. I’d used Babin PT in early 2014, so am well aware of the excellent service and care I’d receive. Today, 7/27/18 I was released from care by Mr.Mike. I know that the good result I’ve achieved has been due to the careful guidance of Mr.Mike and his great staff. Thank you.

- Lynn J.

One year ago, I had a total reverse shoulder replacement. The recovery has been the most difficult journey of my life! I was asked what was more painful, “childbirth or shoulder replacement?” Definitely shoulder replacement. Luckily my good friend Debbie told me about Mike Babin and I am so grateful that she did. Mike and his wonderful team have rehabbed me so that I am back to normal again. I am totally out of pain and I am using my shoulder like I did before I injured it. Being here has been the most wonderful experience. Every patient is treated like family and with so much care. I will never forget any of you and I will miss being with you! Thank you so much for putting me back together again!

- Pat K.

I have been having on and off pain in my lumbar and hip area for years. Never could identify what would trigger it and would usually resolve itself after a few days. Doctor visits never really helped other than prescribing muscle relaxers. On January 30,2019 I had another episode with pain that would not allow me to do simple things such as put on my socks or bend at the waist, or ever lean forward while brushing my teeth. The usual self-treatments that worked in the past did not work this time.

After considering chiropractic treatment and ruling that out due to insurance issues I decided to check out physical therapy at a hospital. I was familiar with Ochsner Physical Therapy from a problem with my knee years ago, so I stopped in to their new facility on Driftwood. As soon as I went in, I saw about 30 people in the waiting room and knew that was not the place for me.

On February 26th while driving home I drove by Babin Physical Therapy that I have driven by thousand of times over the years, since it is only a few blocks from my home. I decided to call as soon as I got home and was greeted by Rachel, the Front Desk Coordinator. I explained to Rachel what my problem was and asked if I could get an evaluation and have their recommendation sent to my primary care doctor so that he could consider ordering PT to help me. She set me up with an appointment the same day. I was in their office two hours after I placed the call!!

I met with Mike Babin, the owner and Physical Therapist. He was very thorough in his examination and evaluation. He advised me that I had SI Joint Dysfunction; basically, my sacroiliac joint was out of alignment and that was causing my pain. Mike knew immediately what the probable cause of this was…the position I sleep. He told me that I sleep on my side and demonstrated on the treatment table. He was 100% correct!! He then did an adjustment to my SI Joint and immediately I felt so much better. Mike told me the correct way to sleep on my side, with a pillow between my legs to keep my knees and feet from turning my hips. He also prepared a thorough treatment plan to strengthen my core and increase my range of motion, including giving me exercises that could do at home. Mike sent a report to my doctor and his recommended plan of care was approved.

I participated in my treatment over a period of about 6 weeks, going 3 times a week. While undergoing treatment and exercises at the office I worked with Jen, Hannah, and Ja’Riel. These professionals are very thorough and got me through the treatment plan. I appreciated that they were demanding and were always caring and concerned about my progress. Rachel always worked with my schedule when making my appointments and handling my insurance paperwork.

I am happy to say that my treatment has gone very well and that I no longer have any pain and my range of motion and flexibility have drastically improved. More importantly, I finally know what has caused this pain over the years and how to reduce the possibility that it will return by doing the recommended exercises and proper sleep posture. If you are looking for physical therapy where you get real one on one treatment and therapists who are legitimately concerned for your health, then look no further than Babin P.T. Mike and his whole Staff are genuinely nice people who know their craft! If I need PT in the future Babin PT will be the people I call and I highly recommend. Thanks for all your help.

- Robert G

On my first visit to Babin PT, I was greeted by Michael Babin, the owner of Babin Physical Therapy. He examined me and started me on my weekly therapy. There are three women who work with you under his supervision. They are well trained, and they make sure you are doing your exercises correctly. They are incredible, awesome and very nice. Their job is to keep you on track and help you do your treatment correctly. Also, the receptionist is very nice too. She ask’s what time you want to come and works with you very professionally.

During my visit, I have been able to do things I could not do. I had pain in my back, knees and my shoulder. I guarantee you will feel like a better person and you will be pain free. It will make you feel young again and healthy. I really enjoy going to Babin PT and it’s truly a better quality of life, keep of the good work.

- Ronald C

My story started in December when I got a total right knee replacement. After two weeks of home health, I graduated to outpatient PT. I chose Mike Babin as he did an excellent job when I got my hip replacement 5 years ago. My struggle was REAL when I started with Mike. I was using a walker and having a lot of pain. After a short time, I went from the walker to using a cane. The PT was so rigorous as I knew it needed to be. I am SO much better now with NO cane!! I feel normal again. The staff Mike has is one on one. It’s like having your very own personal trainer. His PTA Jennifer is the bomb when it came to stretching me. All in all I would recommend Babin Physical Therapy to anyone in need. It’s like one big happy family there, “hugs” and all.

- Sandy L.

When I first started physical therapy, I had severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and wrist.

By the 5th visit my neck and hand were improving, by the 8th visit, the pain was gone, and I was stronger.

If I ever need therapy again, I will return to Babin Physical Therapy. Everyone was thoughtful and considerate at all times.

- Vanda S.

Well to start, this was my second visit to BabinPT. My first visit was in 2015 when I had a Total Knee Replacement. In 2016 I had the other knee done thinking it would be as good as the first. Well that was my mistake when PT started I was still using a walker and was as though I could barely move. Mike and his staff knew what needed to be done and got busy. Within 1 week I was off the walker and moving on my own. The guys are very caring and want to get you back to normal if not better. And while each of us learn our craft and go to work and use it everyday, Mike is constantly studying his to keep up with the latest technology to better serve us his patients. By the way Mike and his staff carried themselves, it was evident that they view each and every patient not as a customer, but as a friend.

- Pat B.

I injured my lower back in the beginning of 2017. The injury caused me pain whenever I bent over or attempted to lift something. My back pain also interfered with my sleep by waking me throughout the night.

I became a patient at BabinPT in February of 2017. While attending BabinPT I was always warmly welcomed and treated with respect. Mike Babin and his staff were always professional, courteous and pleasant. I could tell each one of them was genuinely concerned with my physical health.

I hadn’t ever been exposed to dry needling before meeting Mike. He explained this treatment and answered my many questions. A specific recovery program was created for me. Through dry needling and my recovery program my lower back is pain free and much stronger. I am once again able to sleep soundly throughout the night and enjoy my busy physical life.

- Steven G.

My experience with Babin Physical Therapy began back in 2010 when I had knee replacements. The minute I walked through the door my fears were put at ease when I was greeted with a big hug and warm welcome. The results from my first experience were so positive that I chose again Babin Physical Therapy six years later in 2016 for my Achilles. Once again, Mike and his staff provided all the professional wisdom and warm loving care for my full recovery. I was able to walk New York city without any pain in just two weeks of therapy. Thank you Mike and staff for my recovery.

- Dixie E.

On the night of Oct. 21, 2016 I fell and broke my left arm and cracked my elbow. I had two surgeries, one was on October 22nd and the other on November 23rd. On December 6th I began therapy at BabinPT. Before that date, I was unable to use my hand and bend my elbow. I would recommend Mike Babin and the staff at BabinPT to anyone in need of therapy. They really do treat you like family and help you to become whole again.

- Jacquelyn L.

I kept falling and could not walk or shop. I had a knee replacement and was going to Babin PT four years ago. He did miracles on my right knee so I knew he would do the same again with my left knee. I walked in, got a great big hug and felt right at home. We talked and a plan was made for me to get better. Mike always checked on me during and after PT. He always said “goodbye and good job”. Mike encouraged me to do better every visit. I listened to him and his staff and did everything I was instructed to do. Now I can walk without pain and without falling. I loved going to every visit. Mike and his staff are so friendly I felt right at home, it didn’t feel like PT. I felt I was visiting family three times a week. Steve, Robbie, Joseph and Jen were wonderful and they kept me going. Leah was so warm and friendly and would always talk after therapy. I will miss my family. If I ever need PT again, the only place to go is Babin Physical Therapy. Love you all and I will miss my family.

- Hazel S.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding care and expert attention I received from each one of you during my rehabilitation.  I knew I was in good hands from the moment I first hobbled in to BabinPT. Your therapeutic skills and human warmth ( a perfect combination) are what I will remember most.  You instilled me with confidence and gave me the strength and motivation I needed to give it my very best.  I am deeply grateful.

- Carole F.

I am still running thanks to Michael!

- Deann B.

I have received PT at many facilities, but have never experienced anything like the therapy at BabinPT. The personal attention, kindness and professionalism is incomparable. Their focus is on the whole body, not only the injured part.

- Debbie R.

Thanks to you and the team at BabinPT, my foot no longer keeps me from enjoying life and exercise.

- Jennifer C.