Patient Testimonials

  • I am so grateful to everyone at Babin P.T, for helping me recover from my leg, knee and back weakness and pain. I cannot say enough about the staff’s friendliness and patience. You were always there by my side to lead me and encourage me.

    Before coming here, I was experiencing progressively worsening bilateral leg weakness, right knee pain, and lower back pain for at least 6 months prior to P.T. I struggled every day to climb up steps: had to use my arm muscles to pull myself up. I had to use a cane to pull myself up from my desk chair. I was having trouble driving because of my right leg pain. I learned how to drive using the cruise control. I really missed being able to dance with my husband, especially the “Jitter Bug”. We love going camping in our RV but put off some trips because it was too much struggle to go up and down the RV steps.

    Also, thank you for teaching me the correct way to stretch and exercise my way to a much-increased mobility. I will be taking those home with me.  I am thankful every time I climb up and down steps, go camping or dance with my husband. (He is happy too!) My experience here at Babin Physical Therapy has greatly improved my life.

    Casey S.

  • Well to start, this was my second visit to BabinPT. My first visit was in 2015 when I had a Total Knee Replacement. In 2016 I had the other knee done thinking it would be as good as the first. Well that was my mistake when PT started I was still using a walker and was as though I could barely move. Mike and his staff knew what needed to be done and got busy. Within 1 week I was off the walker and moving on my own. The guys are very caring and want to get you back to normal if not better. And while each of us learn our craft and go to work and use it everyday, Mike is constantly studying his to keep up with the latest technology to better serve us his patients. By the way Mike and his staff carried themselves, it was evident that they view each and every patient not as a customer, but as a friend.

    Pat B.

  • I injured my lower back in the beginning of 2017. The injury caused me pain whenever I bent over or attempted to lift something. My back pain also interfered with my sleep by waking me throughout the night.

    I became a patient at BabinPT in February of 2017. While attending BabinPT I was always warmly welcomed and treated with respect. Mike Babin and his staff were always professional, courteous and pleasant. I could tell each one of them was genuinely concerned with my physical health.

    I hadn’t ever been exposed to dry needling before meeting Mike. He explained this treatment and answered my many questions. A specific recovery program was created for me. Through dry needling and my recovery program my lower back is pain free and much stronger. I am once again able to sleep soundly throughout the night and enjoy my busy physical life.

    Steven G.

  • My experience with Babin Physical Therapy began back in 2010 when I had knee replacements. The minute I walked through the door my fears were put at ease when I was greeted with a big hug and warm welcome. The results from my first experience were so positive that I chose again Babin Physical Therapy six years later in 2016 for my Achilles. Once again, Mike and his staff provided all the professional wisdom and warm loving care for my full recovery. I was able to walk New York city without any pain in just two weeks of therapy. Thank you Mike and staff for my recovery.

    Dixie E.

  • On the night of Oct. 21, 2016 I fell and broke my left arm and cracked my elbow. I had two surgeries, one was on October 22nd and the other on November 23rd. On December 6th I began therapy at BabinPT. Before that date, I was unable to use my hand and bend my elbow. I would recommend Mike Babin and the staff at BabinPT to anyone in need of therapy. They really do treat you like family and help you to become whole again.

    Jacquelyn L.

  • I kept falling and could not walk or shop. I had a knee replacement and was going to Babin PT four years ago. He did miracles on my right knee so I knew he would do the same again with my left knee. I walked in, got a great big hug and felt right at home. We talked and a plan was made for me to get better. Mike always checked on me during and after PT. He always said “goodbye and good job”. Mike encouraged me to do better every visit. I listened to him and his staff and did everything I was instructed to do. Now I can walk without pain and without falling. I loved going to every visit. Mike and his staff are so friendly I felt right at home, it didn’t feel like PT. I felt I was visiting family three times a week. Steve, Robbie, Joseph and Jen were wonderful and they kept me going. Leah was so warm and friendly and would always talk after therapy. I will miss my family. If I ever need PT again, the only place to go is Babin Physical Therapy. Love you all and I will miss my family.

    Hazel S.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding care and expert attention I received from each one of you during my rehabilitation.  I knew I was in good hands from the moment I first hobbled in to BabinPT. Your therapeutic skills and human warmth ( a perfect combination) are what I will remember most.  You instilled me with confidence and gave me the strength and motivation I needed to give it my very best.  I am deeply grateful.

    Carole F.

  • I am still running thanks to Michael!

    Deann B.

  • I have received PT at many facilities, but have never experienced anything like the therapy at BabinPT. The personal attention, kindness and professionalism is incomparable. Their focus is on the whole body, not only the injured part.

    Debbie R.

  • Thanks to you and the team at BabinPT, my foot no longer keeps me from enjoying life and exercise.

    Jennifer C.