Casey S.

I am so grateful to everyone at Babin P.T, for helping me recover from my leg, knee and back weakness and pain. I cannot say enough about the staff’s friendliness and patience. You were always there by my side to lead me and encourage me.

Before coming here, I was experiencing progressively worsening bilateral leg weakness, right knee pain, and lower back pain for at least 6 months prior to P.T. I struggled every day to climb up steps: had to use my arm muscles to pull myself up. I had to use a cane to pull myself up from my desk chair. I was having trouble driving because of my right leg pain. I learned how to drive using the cruise control. I really missed being able to dance with my husband, especially the “Jitter Bug”. We love going camping in our RV but put off some trips because it was too much struggle to go up and down the RV steps.

Also, thank you for teaching me the correct way to stretch and exercise my way to a much-increased mobility. I will be taking those home with me.  I am thankful every time I climb up and down steps, go camping or dance with my husband. (He is happy too!) My experience here at Babin Physical Therapy has greatly improved my life.