About Us

BabinPT Physical Therapy is Louisiana's leader in treatment of unresolved pain, as well as post-surgery, injury and performance rehabilitation.

Our goal is to aide you in resolving your pain by identifying the cause of your injury through our comprehensive approach to care, including thorough assessment and a customized treatment plan based on the unique ways you move. Our approach focuses not only on reducing your pain or dysfunction, but correcting and restoring your movement to allow you to live a pain free life.

Our clinic model is designed to allow more individualized time with you, the patient, to enable us to fully understand and treat the complexities of your condition. We specialize in hands on techniques that restore your motion as well as providing you with exercises that are specifically tailored to your needs. We are not satisfied with interventions that just control your symptoms. We believe success is when your pain has been fully resolved, and your movement allows you to enjoy the life you want to live.

Why Choose BabinPT?

BabinPT provides unparalleled quality care:
  • Same day or next day appointments available most days, no wait lists
  • Evidence-supported care, personal attention
  • Education and communication
  • Positive, friendly, supportive environment
  • Convenient location, plenty of parking
  • Serving Kenner since 1994